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JUSTICE Fellowship 

Fellowship:  a community of interest, activity, feeling, or experience

To incubate and support interventions for change,  SAHR runs a Gender Justice Fellowship Program, for advocates pursuing an intervention for change in court or in law and policy.

Advocates are supported with technical and financial support to conduct research, fact-finding, criminal and civil investigation in a relation to a case or law or policy reform opportunity in their countries.  

The Program has supported advocates and interventions in Vanuatu, Columbia, Argentina, Mexico, Nigeria, Indonesia and Pakistan. 

  • To recognise former wives of Boko Haram soldiers as victims and give them access to holistic reparations in Nigeria;

  • To document sexual harassment at a university in Pakistan;

  • To develop policy to make justice more accessible to disabled survivors of sexual violence in Indonesia;

  • To recognize sexual, health and reproductive rights of diverse and lesbian women in prison in Mexico; and

  • To strengthen public institutional accountability and financial reparations for sexual harassment committed by a civil servant in Argentina.        

Click on the pictures to read the stories of our Fellows from 2021/2022

Hadiza 1_7.png
SAHR's 2021/2022 Fellow, Hadiza Abba from Nigeria
Irna 1_6.png
SAHR's 2021/2022 Fellow, Irna Susrianti from Indonesia.
Jimena 1_7.png
SAHR's 2021/2022 Fellow, Jimena Gibertoni from Argentina.
Libertad & Pacha 1_5.png
SAHR's 2021/2022 Fellows, Libertad and Pacha from Mexico
Are you working on a strategic case, or seizing an opportunity for law or policy reform to end sexual gender-based violence?

If so, this call is for you! 

📃 Read the Call for Fellows here

⚖️ Apply for the Fellowship here



❓🙋🏽Send in your questions to by: Friday, 10 February 2023

🫱🏾‍🫲🏽Join a Get to Know call with other human rights defenders: Saturday, 4 February 2023

📩 RSVP by email at

📥 RSVP by Facebook here

📃 Submit your application by: Thursday, 23 February 2023


SAHR is calling for applications from Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) who are seizing an opportunity for law and policy reform, or, litigating a case of strategic interest, to end Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV).


The objective of the Fellowship is to amplify the knowledge and skills of HRDs who are contributing to  litigation, law or policy reform on SGBV.


Organizations are also encouraged to nominate HRDs who will benefit from this Fellowship and in turn, contribute back to the organization’s own initiatives towards law and policy reform. 

Fellows will receive a grant of USD$3,000 to work on their own projects, at their own pace and time!

Multiple awards will be made for this call.

The Fellowship

Influencing law and policy is a form of participation and power. Law and policy work has traditionally been the domain of policy-makers and it requires know-how and practical skills in policy/legal communication and writing. 


SAHR recognises that to effectively end SGBV, HRDs working at the frontlines must be equipped to effect change at law and policy level. They need to be able to develop a point of view and position a solution. When HRDs can master these skills and speak as co-equals with government leaders, that is when we can truly influence justice and close the gender justice gap. 


The objective of this Gender Justice Legal Defenders Fellowship Program is to resource and accompany human rights defenders working to close that gap.  

Who can apply?

We invite individual applicants under the age of 40 who identify themselves as women, trans and gender-nonconforming to apply.


Organizations are also encouraged to nominate HRDs who will benefit from this Fellowship and in turn, contribute back to the organization’s own initiatives towards law and policy reform. 


Applicants must abe able to demonstrate a commitment to advancing human rights and equal access to justice for women, LGBTQIA+ and gender-nonconforming individuals.


Applicants from all over the world will be considered.

We will be awarding multiple fellowships!


Yasmine Bjornum

Founder of SISTA
Check out their incredible work here!

The SAHR team guided me to collect evidence and provide input into legal arguments while developing my legal skills.


Thanks to their incredible team, I finally was able to execute an intervention that was rooted in a survivor centered approach. I would not have the confidence or ability or will to do so, if I hadn't met the team at SAHR.


Please know the work you guys do transcends beyond us and we are coming together as women to help other women.

SAHR working with Yasmine on case of sexual violence before Vanuatu courts
SAHR working with Yasmine on a case of sexual violence before Vanuatu courts

Why it matters

Having a network of peers through the fellowship, who we can rely on for technical support can be uplifting and rewarding.


It gives us confidence in our interventions, and, empowers us to dream big and seize opportunities in law and policy, to change things.

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