Reimagining Justice


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SAHR means the first light that breaks the dawn. It signals awakening and hope.

As a community, we have done a lot and our collective histories - both the setbacks and successes - carries with it, a wisdom that we must pass on forward.

Reimagining Justice

SAHR is launching a podcast titled Reimagining Justice, where advocates - be they authors, activists, or academics - can share stories at the frontlines of justice.

How do we advocate in times of war, battle with polarising ideas, collaborate with allies and drive change? How can we reimagine justice?

In our episodes we go into the lives and works of advocates and explore how they are carving their own pathways to justice. The episodes will be intersectional, interdisciplinary and inspiring! It will also memorialise the work we have done as advocates, and, shape the work that's to come. 

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When writing about Alice in Wonderland, Iranian-American author, Azar Nafisi, describes Alice being in a world "without passport or documentation" and where the "only requirement of entry into the wonderland was an open mind and a restless desire to know".

SAHR Justice Podcast is a convening for the open and restless.

Know someone for our podcast? Give us a shoutout. We are always looking for new voices. 

“If not us, then who?
If not now, then when?”

― John Lewis