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SAHR is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization registered in the United States -


Imagine a world where every survivor of gender violence has access to justice that is fair and power that is inclusive.


This is the world we are creating. 

We work with defenders and survivors of gender violence in vulnerable situations in the Middle East and South Asia to hold offenders and institutions accountable, while shedding light on the abuses.


We demystify the justice system by breaking down the law. Our approach starts with asking each survivor what she wants and then work with her to put together a strategy that makes sense in the context of her daily life.

 By practicing the law through a feminist lens, we push tribunals and formal legal systems to recognize women’s rights and needs..


Currently, over 150 countries have at least one law that discriminates against women. Women and girls all over the world are especially vulnerable to violence and punished for their efforts to claim justice. 

As a result of gender-bias in multiple justice systems in the world, crimes against women are not adequately investigated and prosecuted. When a woman is raped or otherwise abused, she is often blamed for it. These cases involve the most atrocious women's rights violations, including acid attacks, rape, pedophilia, beatings, sexual abuse, forced prostitution and marriage, even forced suicide, as well as revenge pornography. 

Additionally, the justice system is often a site for further violence and re-trauma. Cases hang for years on end. Victims are forced to recount their stories again and again. They are inappropriately questioned and humiliated through multiple physical exams and intimidated to silence.

Without access to a fair trial or other recourse to justice, she is powerless to enforce her rights as an equal member of society. And so the self-perpetuating cycle of gender inequality and violence against women continues. 

Our mission is to reform biased judicial systems and transform mindsets that deny women equal rights, respect, and access to justice. 



We have 10 years of experience working with survivors and grassroots defenders across seven countries with a proven track record of winning cases and creating virtuous circles of legal empowerment, compassionate self-advocacy and collaborative relationship-building

"Lawyers and provincial judges have engaged with SAHR positively in spite of differing and sometimes irreconcilable views. Some have even conceded to our views on human rights, expressing much to our delight that we had altered theirs.


We know that it is through collaborative lawyering and measured confrontation that half the battle is won"

                                                                                                       -SAHR CO-FOUNDERS