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How do you prosecute sexual violence as a crime of war?

In the last three decades, we have witnessed extraordinary progress to recognise, condemn, and criminalise all forms of sexual violence including forced nudity, enslavement, forced impregnation, forced prostitution, forced marriage and others at national, regional and global levels.

To encourage continued recognition and criminalisation of sexual violence, we are developing a resource to document successful prosecution strategies, from the trials of the International Criminal Tribunals of the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and Rwanda (ICTR) and the legal scholarship that have emerged therefrom.

How do you prosecute a high ranking military officer for the crimes committed by his subordinates, though he was not physically present at the time of the crime?

How do you prosecute multiple people who cooperated in the rape of an individual including those who may not have committed the rape themselves?

These are some of the strategies we headlining in our resource.

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