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#IWillGoOut - March With Us on 21 January 2017

Following our last post about the incident in Bangalore this New Year’s, we invite you to join us, together with a collective of individuals and organisations across India working to combat violence against women, advocating for women’s right to be seen, heard and be in public spaces.

Despite large protests after the Nirbhaya gang rape, India remains complacent about violence against women. Having recently come into focus again after the Bangalore mass sexual harassment on 31st December and even more recently, the sexual molestation of a girl in Ladakh by her professor, we are determined to stand for the rights of women and in solidarity with other groups across the world. This movement hopes to:

  1. Take concrete steps towards having the freedom to walk and live in our country without fear, and creating legal resources to follow up on them;

  2. Reclaim public spaces for women and girls;

  3. Do a safety audit in the region including the response of the law enforcement to crime against women;

  4. Create a violence free world for future generations;

  5. Ensure that gender sensitization takes place in institutions, organizations and courts of law; and

  6. Ensure inclusive and safe infrastructure that will make women’s access to public spaces easier.

Join US

#IWillGoOut is a nationwide march on 21st January, 2016, in solidarity with the survivors of Mass Sexual Harassment that took place in Bangalore this New Year's eve. Marches are being planned on 21st Jan 5 pm in 12 cities and towns - Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Puducherry, Ahmedabad, Silchar and Karimganj, with Kashmir joining via an online campaign.

Join the movement here or contact us for more information.

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