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Meet the team: Natasha Latiff

Natasha Latiff founded SAHR in 2008 and is the soul of the organisation. She works between Afghanistan and Singapore. Read on to discover her thoughts on the evolution of SAHR, human rights lawyering, and her book recommendations!

1. What do you think about the way SAHR has evolved over the years since you founded it in 2008? Is it what you imagined?

SAHR is really what it is because of the people. I did not imagine that a decade later, we would still be together. That is passion at its finest!

2. How do you think you embody the change you want to see in the world of human rights lawyering?

Oh I wish I do embody the change I want to see. I try to embody it by not looking at justice as a milestone to meet. To be creative in how I get justice for clients. To be more collaborative with local lawyers as there's so much to learn from each other. To push my boundaries, never be afraid to hold people and government to account.

3. Right now, what is giving you joy or grounding in the world?

I love this question! The last time I felt joy was when my brother stopped by to see me and brought me green matcha latte. I was so happy. For grounding, reading and running. Too bad I can't do both at the same time! Oddly, penmanship in Farsi for practice is quite therapeutic.

4. If you could recommend one book to aspiring human rights lawyers out there, what would you suggest?

Definitely East West Street by Phillipe Sands QC. Probably one of the best books I have read because of the way he told the story and mapped the lives of his grandfather and the two lawyers who championed "crimes against humanity" and "genocide" during the Nuremberg Trials. A dark but revealing book I read was Evil men by James Dawes which is a reflection of human cruelty in war. I read it as I was curious and naively so, about why seemingly good people become evil.

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