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Humaira Ameeri

Lead of SAHR Coalition of Afghan Legal Experts for Human Rights

Humaira is a human rights lawyer who started her social justice journey at the age of 16 when she was an Afghan refugee in Pakistan. After the US invasion in 2001, she returned to her home country and led Medica Afghanistan – the first Afghan-led and women-led organization -- for 17 years where she oversaw teams of lawyers and mental health professionals across five provinces serving, assisting, and empowering tens of thousands of women and girls affected by the war and crisis.

In 2018, Humaira co-founded WJO to better safeguard women’s rights by strengthening the state’s institutional response and accountability to violence against women through utilizing legal strategies, pushing for law reform, training the emerging advocates, and conducting peace advocacy. Humaira oversaw and led the organization’s ground-breaking VAW cases involving widespread and systematic sexual abuse of vulnerable people by some of the most powerful warlords and high-ranking police commanders. She has been on the forefront of the Afghan women’s rights movement push for major law reform advancing gender equity, including the EVAW Law, Anti-Sexual Harassment Law, Prohibition of Virginity Testing, and the criminal procedural and criminal code law reforms.

She has received numerous awards in recognition of her outstanding achievements, including Best Female Leader by the Afghanistan Ministry of Women’s Affairs (2010) and in 2014, she received an award from the Commission on Women’s Affairs, Civil Society and Human Rights of the Upper House of the Afghanistan Parliament “in recognition of her civil services and tireless efforts to promote human rights and social capacities for women survivors of Gender Based Violence and for outstanding contributions to the women's movement in Afghanistan and most recently she got the Asia Democracy and Human Rights Award (2021).

Humaira Ameeri
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