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Nadia Moynihan

Session Lead

Nadia Moynihan is a lawyer who maintains a practice with August Law Corporation in Singapore and Branch Austin McCormick in London. Her practice focuses primarily on litigation and she regularly represents companies and individuals in a wide range of sectors.


In the workplace context, Nadia regularly provides training to companies on how to address harassment at the workplace, from early identification to implementing fair and robust employment policies to combat it. This includes sexual harassment but also other forms of harassment, bullying or discrimination that may arise at the workplace. Her workshops educate individuals and employers as to their rights and responsibilities when it comes to harassment. They also cover establishing processes to conduct internal enquiries with due process, to facilitate whistle-blowing complaints and to appropriately investigate allegations of harassment or other misconduct while balancing the rights of the accuser and the alleged wrongdoer.


She has also successfully obtained protection orders for victims of domestic violence, abuse and workplace bullying. She works with clients, including clients from the LGBTQ community, who require protection from former partners or strangers in cases of online and offline stalking, doxing, revenge porn, harassment, death threats and assaults. To do so, she often employs multi-pronged litigation strategies that include civil and criminal actions under legislation such as Singapore’s Protection Against Harassment Act as well as pursuing separate actions for defamation in cases of online bullying where appropriate. Nadia works with various law enforcement authorities when necessary to ensure the perpetrators of these crimes do not go unpunished even though some attempt to hide behind the anonymity of the Internet.

Nadia Moynihan
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