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Sara Bergamaschi

Co-Executive Director

Sara’s passions and talents lie in visual storytelling, public speaking and impact filmmaking; in recent years she has produced three award-winning documentaries covering powerful journeys and accounts of Syrian refugees.

​Previously, she worked for the Italian Embassy in Egypt, the German Development Agency in Morocco, the International Rescue Committee in Iraq and the UN in New York, Jordan and at Turkish-Syrian border.

Sara holds a Bachelor’s in Political and Social Science from the Free University in Berlin and a Master’s in International Security with Distinction from l’Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po) in Paris. She speaks Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, English and Italian.

Sara is now based in Berlin, where, beginning of 2022, she gave birth to her first beloved son, Matís Gioele.

Sara Bergamaschi
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