SAHR advocates come from all geographies, races, religions and cultures, working in different languages and across many time zones. We demonstrate the grit, perseverance, tenacity and courage to harness organizations and movements to take actions which are truly transformative. Together, we shift the existing narratives on sexual violence, while skillfully harnessing evidence and drafting winning legal and policy arguments from a gender-equal and intersectional lens.


I was 17 years old when I first undertook a journey to Afghanistan alone to see for myself, what was known as the most dangerous place for women. This was the beginning of a decade-long relationship with the country and life-long quest for knowledge, in a struggle to redefine, reinterpret the

legal rights of women.


It was in Afghanistan that I saw the urgency for human  rights work, especially in the field of Shariah law. Unlike where I come from, there were few materials equipping lawyers to defend human rights.  At the appeal of an Afghan lawyer, I established SAHR.



Today’s advocates seek for knowledge that is practical and useful in real time, as strategic opportunities and events unfold. Through the SAHR Justice Lab, WHRDs can pick up knowledge and skills and apply them to their work in real time. They are also inspired to go into challenging conversations and practice out-of-the-box thinking and hands-on practice.

Through the SAHR Justice Lab, we nurture a space for leadership, creativity and tools to imagine, unite and fulfill our collective objectives.

"I am interested in how women are saving us.

They're saving us by redefining and re-imagining a future that defies and blurs accepted polarities...like the ones between modernity and tradition, oppression and opportunity"

- Kavita Ramdas


We work in difficult environments, fraught with corruption, poor infrastructure, patriarchy and war. 

The work can be disillusioning.

But tough places require tough fight. 

At SAHR, we commit to ensuring that the individual is not lost, spoken over, or made into another statistic.

We do not claim to have all the solutions but we are willing to learn, explore, listen and secure justice in a way that means something to the individuals we work with.

Our team is a testimony to the big changes that can be made by a small team of dedicated people.


By providing innovative legal mentoring and disruptive advocacy platforms to survivors, women-at-risk, as well as lawyers and grassroots defenders, we open new pathways for more women and girls to come forward, speak, stand and rise up to achieve reparations and accountability.


This in turn is sparking a social movement to reform attitudes and policies, thus, the long-term impact our work is pervasive, touching on the most basic rights, including education, basic healthcare, and dignified work. 

We do our work because we see a real​ need for a shift in human rights work.

We LOVE what we do, and we are good at it.