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What we do

Build Capacity and Courage

Through The SAHR Justice Lab, we facilitate peer-led workshops for human rights defenders and lawyers.

Our curriculum is designed for activism and practice at the frontlines of strategic litigation, and systems reform.


Give Legal, Protection and Advocacy Support

We give survivors of gender-based violence and HRDs urgent legal, protection and advocacy support. We regularly advocate at the highest levels before the EU, US State Department and UN Special Rapporteurs and agencies.


Communicate to educate!

We reimagine what justice work looks like in times of war, polarisation and fundamentalism. Through our SAHR Justice Podcast, we bring to life ideas and lived experiences of justice advocates around the world. 

Network with advocates

Network with human rights advocates to accelerate a global momentum to reform laws and policies, and, prevent reversal of rights.



With Natasha's mentorship, I became a lawyer who took a victim-centered approach. She taught me  how to interview victims, document the cases, take witness testimonies, evaluate evidence, fight for victim’s right to compensation, file police protection orders and cross-examine offenders in  court. We did this in cases of serious crimes such as gender-based torture,  murder, sexual violence and rape.

Y. Ahmadi, human rights lawyer, Afghanistan.

The SAHR team guided me to collect evidence and provide input into legal arguments while developing my legal skills.


Thanks to their incredible team, I finally was able to execute an intervention that was rooted in a survivor centered approach. I would not have the confidence or ability or will to do so, if I hadn't met the team at SAHR.


Please know the work you guys do transcends beyond us and we are coming together as women to help other women.

Yasmine Bjornum,  journalist in Vanuatu and founder of SISTA, an NGO.

When I wanted to give up, fortunately SAHR reached me and took over my cause.


Natasha was by my side helping me in my fight to justice and reparation.


It is very important for a victim to receive legal advice. Us, victims of rape, we endure a lot of re-victimisation.


Our pain is invisible, it’s inside. It is very important to have a lawyer, to have someone to trust. So many women cannot afford a lawyer and has no rights or power to raise their voice. 

Sabrina Prioli, humanitarian aid worker - SGBV survivor

We run a life full of fear and intimidation, and not being able to express what we think, voice, wear and not being able to exercise our freedom. We really feel discredited, helpless and unprotected in Afghanistan.

They did not forget us. They are until today fighting for us. 

Former prosecutor and human rights lawyers, Afghanistan


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