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Advising on reform of Afghan family law

SOAS Library where we researched case law throughout South Asia and Middle East

The family is the main site of systemic discrimination and violence against women. At the request of a member of the Afghan Family Law Drafting Committee, we are reviewing the initial draft of the family bill.

We are looking into the family codes of Tunisia, Egypt, Pakistan, Morocco, Singapore and the UK to tease out best practices. We also studying law commission reports to analyse the effect of the respective codes in practice.

We are checking on what the potential implications of the draft law is on women and children's rights? Does it comport with progressive interpretations of Islamic family law? Is there consistency in the use of language?

On our team are also scholars of Islamic law and family law including, Professor Mohammad Fadel, Ass. Professor Kecia Ali, Professor Ayesha Shahid and Professor Rebecca Probert.

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