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Giving Tuesday - Support 5 Women & Diverse Human Rights Defenders seizing policy and legal change

In 2021 and 2022, SAHR supported interventions to:

🇳🇬 Recognize former wives of Boko Haram soldiers as victims in the context of reparations efforts in Nigeria;

🇮🇩 Socialize a draft policy on access to justice for disabled survivors of sexual violence in Indonesia;

🇲🇽 Protect the sexual, health and reproductive rights of diverse and lesbian women in prison in Mexico;

🇦🇷 Hold the government of Argentina accountable for holistic reparations for sexual harassment in civil service; and

🇵🇰 Research systematic sexual harassment in one of the most prestigious university campuses in Pakistan (partial)

💫 Building on this success, we are adding five more Human Rights Defenders to our 2023 Justice Fellowship Cohort. The Fellowship is intended to support HRDs who are seizing an opportunity to change law and policy to end gender-based violence.

🎁 None of this work is possible without you. Will you take a moment to renew your support today?

100% of your gift will help achieve our mission and elevate the next generation of Women and other diverse Human Rights Defenders.

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