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SAHR joined the campaign to call on governments to recognize Gender Apartheid as a crime

On 8 March 2023, International Women's Day, a group of Afghan and Iranian activists and international lawyers have launched a campaign to call on governments around the world to recognize Gender Apartheid as a crime.

The group of 100+ key signatories came together over our shared culture, language, geographical border and unfortunately shared experience of living under the laws and policies of gender apartheid regimes.

SAHR also joined (and advised behind the scenes) this coalition of female lawyers, judges, activists and other global leaders to name the atrocities against the women and girls of Iran and Afghanistan for what they are: Gender Apartheid. Apartheid standards in international law were developed primarily in the 20th century and designed to address racial apartheid, born out of the experience with the apartheid regime in South Africa.

While representing a distinct form of apartheid from that in South Africa, the components of systematic segregation and subjugation that make up apartheid are present in Afghanistan and Iran today.

SAHR is proud to be aligned with this incredible movement that combines the power of women's revolutions in Iran and Afghanistan to finally characterize the violence and discrimination that is happening with a name fit for the purpose: Gender Apartheid.

Women activists and lawyer-leaders find creative ways to use and push the laws in directions that otherwise not be conceived.

Please visit and sign our open letter calling on governments to interpret and/or expand the legal definition of apartheid under international and national laws to include severe forms of institutionalized gender‑based discrimination.Global reaction matters. #EndGenderApartheid


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